​The DJ Josh

Josh is a happy husband and father of a 2-year old boy. He started his DJ career in Illinois and quickly took up weddings and club gigs upon moving to Central Florida in 1997. Those years of experience as a DJ, coupled with the experience of having "been there" himself in terms ​of the wedding and reception, combine to foster someone who has a great deal of respect for the importance of your special event, compassion for you, and the ability to carry out what is required to make your event as memorable as possible.  Josh is a meticulous planner, and a sober professional who will not drink at your event (yes this can be an issue in this field), and who will be at the ready to make adjustments in real time as your event progresses.  If you have questions for Josh, please feel free to contact him by email or phone, or by clicking on the contact tab on this page.

About DJ Josh

Central Florida's Premier Event & Wedding DJ 


P.O. Box 6 Cape Canaveral, FL 32920